Cobwebs, Butter and Tumbling

Sep 30, 2007 in Writing

Cobwebs are forming. That’s what happens when you leave something sit for too long. Spiders know these things. Spiders have some sort of litmus test for usage I think. Or maybe they’re just impatient, like me. They’ve descended upon this blog here in full force. I actually thought once, about creating time based styles that would show age on posts. But then the impatience kicked in, and I didn’t.

It’s not for lack of interest that these things happen. Really, it’s not. This site has been with me, in one incarnation or another, for almost 10 years now. According to the W3C, at least I think, after 7 years you’re allowed some leeway in posting frequency. I mean, even major athletes have to take breaks, don’t they? I guess so.

This blog, and it’s attending index page, are about to go through some changes. It’s time to fire up the cocoon and begin the process once again. For those who run their own website, this will come as no surprise. It’s a common theme among us website owners, and it afflicts bloggers even more so. Lifestyle changes, technology changes, workstyle changes (I just made that one up. somebody add it to wikipedia.), and even that old enemy lethargy have taken hold at one point or another. It’s time for a rethinking of how, why, what and who.

We’ve already begun separating ourselves, with Tim heading out on his own and me running a tumblog. Wallace has gone into the corporate world, and we’ll miss him. We were planning a memorial, until corporate said it was against policy.

A new formation has begun, in slow, cautious ways. A collaboration. A joining of minds. Butter Label. Watch for it. Look out for it.