Ephemera No. 1

Sep 29, 2022 in Ephemera

Photo by Laura Vinck on Unsplash

Because this is my personal site, it’s basically in near constant flux. I adjust things over time to see what I think works best for me. I’ve decided to adjust how I handle links here. I originally played with a weekly link list, and then moved to a separate section for links. Neither seemed right for me. The weekly post was a bit too rigid; I don’t want to be nailing myself down to a cadence I can’t keep up with. Adding links to a separate section, along with  images to make it into a “post” takes a bit of extra effort during the work week, and I just don’t have that in me all the time.

A separate post-type seemed the best way to gather these. Hence the "No. 1" here. I like the idea of starting these off as a numbered series. I’ll post these when I feel it’s right. I'll probably play around with the styling here as well. I'm not certain this structure feels right yet.

Luxury Media

This was an interestingly timed read for me. I’d just gone to CVS to get a Covid booster, and after the shot had some time to kill near the magazine racks. I hadn’t thought about it in quite some time, but I used to be quite a magazine junky back in the day. Pre-internet of course.

Tim Bray took a dive into magazines and had some refreshing thoughts on reading paper vs the web.

  • The text and images stand still! There are no late-displaying ads or graphics pushing the words around while you’re trying to read them.

  • Nothing asked me whether it could send notifications.

  • Nothing suggested that I switch to the app.

  • In fact: No. Popups. Ever.

Chicken selfies

I don’t think I need to add anything to this.

Cardboard Robots

I LOVE these cardboard robot creations.

Devs are making progress getting macOS Ventura to run on unsupported, decade-old Macs

I had no idea there was a whole movement around keeping older Macs updated. I may be digging out my PowerMac G5 just for kicks.

Cool Things People Do With Their Blogs

I’ve been enjoying Wouter Groeneveld’s blog Brain Baking lately. I had to force myself not to include more than one link there, but this one has resonated with me more than many of his posts. I love seeing what other people do with their personal sites. How they organize content, what types of content they write or curate, how they design their site. Personal sites have been seeing a bit of a renaissance lately. I think I need to do some more thinking and writing on this subject.

Lesser Known Apple Watch Workouts

I’m a huge fan of BasicAppleGuy. Expect more links from him in the future. 

Ten Hours of Walking In NYC As a Woman

This was astonishing to watch. I suppose I’ve always been aware of catcalling, and just how awful it is. To see it to this extent just shocked  me. I hope people see this and understand the underlying reason why this behavior is vile, but many won’t. It’s a stark reminder to be kind and mindful. When I’m out walking our neighborhood sidewalks, if I make eye contact with someone passing me by, man or woman, I typically nod and say a simple hello or good morning. They don’t always respond, and that’s ok. Anything more from me would just be pushing past respectful behavior and it’s just not acceptable.