Finding those peaceful moments

Nov 1, 2022 in Life

Photo by Adelin Preda on Unsplash

I'm an early riser, typically up between 5 or 5:30 AM weekdays and sometimes even on weekends. I like giving myself time in the morning to relax and wake up slowly. It's one of the few peaceful moments during my day where I am alone with nothing demanding my attention. I spend most mornings on the patio with my coffee and my RSS reader, listening to the world wake up around me.

There is also a short window of peace in the evenings, just after the dogs have been out for their last walk. 8PM, sometimes 9PM, it varies depending on our weeknight schedules. Different than mornings, but quiet and restful nonetheless. The dogs are lightly snoring, the TV isn't on, and my fiancé is is usually busy around the house with something or other.

Where do you find your peaceful moments?