Think City

Jul 31, 2007 in Tech

This is a great article on electric cars, stirling engines, and the (possible)future of the automobile. Covering a Norwegian companies desire to create an almost Web2.0 style automobile, the article also touches on green energy from batteries. 

This kind of article gets me excited, partly because the modern car hasn’t really changed all that much in the last 10-20 years. We’re still running internal combustion engines, we’re still pumping out tons of pollution. Yes, cars are safer, and now have built-in DVD players, but come on.

One thing that often gets mentioned in these articles, and does here, is the fear that SUV loving Californians won’t take to this. I disagree. People here in California are not really driven by SUV’s for any other reason than they are hip right now. Bringing out a car that has Web2.0 appeal, on top of being green? Very hip, and therefore very Californian.