We love to camp and try to get out often. We spend most of our time in the mountains north and east of Los Angeles, but hope to expand that a bit in the coming years.

Camp trip to Los Olivos

Headed up north to Los Padres National Forest just above Los Olivos for some camping and wine tasting. The views were amazing and we captured some great sunset photos. We stayed at Camp Figueroa, a new spot for us. Nestled near the top of the mountains, it was a crazy, windy and narrow uphill drive to get there.

Written on Oct 12, 2022

Los Padres National Forest

Took a short, Level 1 camping overnight to Los Padres. Just me and The Eagle.

Written on Aug 2, 2022

Camping is my happy place

We took some time last weekend to escape Los Angeles and get in our first camping outing of 2022.

Written on Feb 23, 2022

Lake Cachuma

For the past few years we've been camping at Rivernook Campground for Thanksgiving. We broke tradition in 2021 and chose Lake Cachuma. It is a great campground, with really wide camping spaces, lots of sunshine and not too crowded. This is glamping at it's best.

Written on Nov 25, 2021


We had a chance to go camping last weekend, and we took it. Last Friday, we packed up the little Honda Civic with clothes, toys, food, beverages, and anything else that came to mind, and left town for Sequoia National Park. After a five plus hour drive, we hit our campsite, in the beautiful Kern Valley, right next to the Kern River. We met up with some family and friends, and took over two camping spots. We slept in our tent, and my son Lucas slept in his own tent this trip, thanks to Grandma and Papa!

Saturday was a lazy day, we hardly left the campsite. We hung out in front of the fire pit, talked, napped, and enjoyed the beautiful valley around us. The Kern River was about 2 hundred feet from our campsite, which made for a nice background for sleeping. The river was fairly high, cold, and moving quickly, but we saw a few brave souls venture downstream in kayaks despite all that. That night we made friends with a few other campers, and stayed up late enjoying the company.

Sunday, we ventured out across the river to hike the Whiskey Flat Trail, which was less than a half mile long. On the way back, we forked off the trail, and ended up on a beautiful rock outcropping into the Kern River. We lounged here for an hour or so, enjoying the cool river air, and the great rapids that formed in the river. The rock was some sort of shale, which made great skipping rocks.

We left Sunday evening, the rest of our group stayed on through Monday. If you are in California, and are wanting to explore some of our national parks, I’d recommend the Sequoia National Park

The whole set of photos is here.

Written on May 29, 2006