Ephemera is my way of collecting links to interesting things around the web. I read a lot of newsletters and RSS feeds. These posts are a simple way to gather and share the things that catch my eye or arouse my curiosity.

Ephemera No. 2

September was a slog, and quite possibly the worst month in many years. Family passed, friends lost their jobs and my fiancé was bitten by a dog and had a scary few days in the hospital. There were a few bright spots there, but I’m just glad to see October hit and fall weather start to roll in.

I’ve not been reading as much as I’d like, even though I have a good backlog of books. I’m hoping to get through The Peripheral before the movie hits. Shocking I’ve never read that book before, it’s right up my alley on topic. I’ve also started pre-reading a good friends unreleased book.

Here are some links I ran across recently. Enjoy!

Written on Oct 13, 2022

Ephemera No. 1

Because this is my personal site, it’s basically in near constant flux. I adjust things over time to see what I think works best for me. I’ve decided to adjust how I handle links here.

Written on Sep 29, 2022