Finding those peaceful moments

I'm an early riser, typically up between 5 or 5:30 AM weekdays and sometimes even on weekends. I like giving myself time in the morning to relax wake up slowly. It's one of the few peaceful moments during my day where I am alone, with nothing demanding my attention.

Written on Nov 1, 2022

bah, another bright idea?

Trying out yet another service.  I’m already on twitter, so I have no idea how much difference there is yet. Really, though, this is more of a pathological attempt to make sure nobody else is using my name on anything else. hehe…

Written on May 18, 2007

Summer is coming

I can feel it in the air, and so can the boys.

Written on May 18, 2007

Macbook Cord Holder, Double Use

It’s the little things in life that make me happy. This little cord holder was nice when wrapping up the power brick, but now I’ve found another nice use. I kept losing the cord behind the desk when disconnecting, so now I secure it to my laptop stand. It works really well.

Written on May 9, 2007

Do Your Homework

I received an email today, from a Yahoo! email address, asking if I’d like to purchase the domain. Here is the email below:


I own the .COM version of your domain name and I am wanting to sell it.

I was wondering if you would be interested in buying this domain for $95 from me seen as though you own the same domain but in another extension ?

If you are interested please get back to me. 

I remembered looking into that domain back when I bought up all the kellysims.whatevers that were open and that I wanted. The .com address was taken then. So when I got this email, I was happy. $95 was a bit high though. So first, I decided to do a Whois on the domain, and see if “Shawn” really owned it or not.

For those not in the know on these things, there is a web service called Whois that allows you to pull up ownership details of a domain. Many domains are open for viewing, but many are closed to prying eyes. Using the Whois at Network Solutions revealed it was not actually owned by anyone at all, let alone anyone named “Shawn.”

So I logged into my account at, and bought the domain for a whopping $5.99/year. Within a few hours I had it pointing to my main address, http://anotherbrightidea.orgas I do with all my other kellysims domains.

The moral of the story: Do your homework, and don’t ever, ever, ever trust an email.

Oh, and “Shawn”, thanks buddy. You saved me $89.01 today.

Written on Apr 4, 2007