Email Newsletters are Better Than You Think (Mostly)

I admit that I was late to the newsletter frenzy back in 2020. Getting interesting reading topics delivered to my email seemed counter to how I like to read that I held off for a while. I'm now a convert and actually appreciate the focused spot it has in my life.

Written on Aug 18, 2022

Children of Time

I've been working to get myself back into the reading habit for months. I'd saved 5-10 books into a want to read list but before Children of Time, I just hadn't jumped into any of them. I'm happy to say, I finished Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky this past weekend.

Written on Mar 30, 2022

Responsive Web Design

I got my copy of RSW by Ethan Marcotte a few days ago and finished it up last night. If you make websites, buy this book. Really. This book is a wonderful resource, and written with enough humor to keep it fun. And did I mention robots? SOLD.

In addition to the topic at hand, Mr. Marcotte has filled it full of links to dozens of useful resources on web design. It’s this part of the book that really makes it for me. I get an insight into the author’s resources, as well as stepping off points for more in-depth learning.

Considering how overflowing the web is on topics like CSS3 and HTML5, it’s often hard to find solid writing on the subjects. Content farms and a bazillion other bloggers fill Google with crap every day. Mr. Marcotte has compiled not only a great responsive web design resource here, but a great web design resource period.

Buy it. Read it. Then go build it.

Written on Jun 15, 2011