I'm a tinkerer by nature, and fascinated by technology in all its aspects.

Bored with technology

Apple had their big iPhone event this week with several new product launches. Nothing came out that had me jonesing for new tech, and this got me thinking about my excitement around technology in general.

Written on Sep 14, 2022

The iPad

My friend Josh discusses the Apple iPad, and I can only agree with him.

Written on Feb 17, 2010

New Multi-touch Interactions on the Apple iPad

Great video edit of the iPad keynote, highlighting the new Multi-touch interactions in the iPad. Found via Konigi

Written on Feb 15, 2010

Daring Fireball: The iPad Big Picture

And our next thought: What happens if Apple has figured out a way to make a CPU like A4 that fits in an iPhone? If they pull that off for this year’s new iPhone, look out.


Written on Jan 27, 2010

My first

After more than two years, I am still using bookmarks. Amazing. There has been no other website that has held my attention as long, not has any other retained it’s usefulness as long.

One of the things that keeps this so useful is the ability to get at the bookmarks in so many ways. I track my networks bookmarks in Google Reader, I access my own bookmarks at the touch of a keystroke via Quicksilver, and so many more.

Do you

Written on Aug 12, 2007

Think City

This is a great article on electric cars, stirling engines, and the (possible)future of the automobile. Covering a Norwegian companies desire to create an almost Web2.0 style automobile, the article also touches on green energy from batteries. 

This kind of article gets me excited, partly because the modern car hasn’t really changed all that much in the last 10-20 years. We’re still running internal combustion engines, we’re still pumping out tons of pollution. Yes, cars are safer, and now have built-in DVD players, but come on.

One thing that often gets mentioned in these articles, and does here, is the fear that SUV loving Californians won’t take to this. I disagree. People here in California are not really driven by SUV’s for any other reason than they are hip right now. Bringing out a car that has Web2.0 appeal, on top of being green? Very hip, and therefore very Californian.

Written on Jul 31, 2007

Nokia Media Transfer Suite for Macs

It’s fairly obvious if you meet me, that I have a mobile phone fetish. I’m not able to meet the stringent demands this sort of fetish has, financially speaking. There are just too many handsets released, too often. Couple that with the high price of switch carriers, and it’s an expensive habit to have. So I buy when I can justify(read convince wife) it, and when I can’t I spend my time trying to optimize the mobiles that I do own.

Written on Jun 10, 2007

More more does not make me happy

The latest installment of iTunes, version 7, is a fairly big upgrade considering all the new features, and for the most part I’m quite happy with it (crashing has stopped for now). There is a new feature I wanted to mention here today though, that also touches on something that a lot of us tech/geek types can probably understand. iTunes now shows in it’s newly designed side pane, the number of un-listened podcasts.

Written on Sep 16, 2006

Best Computer Upgrade…

Lifehacker ran a post today, based on a post from Slate magazine, about what the best computer upgrade would be. Both agree that a larger screen is it, and I have to concur. 

About six months ago I upgraded from a 19” Dell monitor to a beautiful 20” widescreen Dell 2005FPW Flat Panel Monitor (it’s the same hardware as the Apple, but with Dell’s more affordable pricing). Since then, my work has been wonderful. I also now don’t suffer from headaches like I did when working in front of a standard monitor. The LCD is really much better on my eyes, considering how many hours a day they are in front of it.

So, what’s your favorite or most anticipated upgrade?

Written on Sep 11, 2006

The “Smart Phone” and My Day

I suffer from gadget envy. I do, really. It started early on, when a friend and I would disassemble tape recorders to see how they worked (I still have no idea). More recently in my life, I’ve found blogs such as Gizmodo and Engadget, both of which fill my ever present desire to accumulate more electronics, necessary or not.

Written on Jun 3, 2006