Where did all the spare time go?

Jul 25, 2023 in Life

 Shakespeare in the Park, San Pedro, CA

Yes, it has been several months since I last posted to the site. Part of this was just life getting stupid busy, part of this was technical glitches. Busy life + technical glitches = lack of desire to fix technical glitches. Such is life.

I have been reading though, working my way through The Three-Body Problem. I had almost given up on the book at a third of the way through. It's written so oddly that I found it difficult to enjoy. When I heard that it was being made into an online show, and the story picked up the pace a bit, I decided to stick with it. I hate seeing adaptations of books I haven't read yet, and didn't want this to be another.

On life getting stupid busy: we're buying a house! I am simultaneously terrified and beyond excited. We've only been looking for 2.5 years, and in every city within 15 miles of Los Angeles. The past 3 months we spent nearly every weekend looking at houses, visiting open houses, putting in offers, getting rejected... Buying a home these days is an emotional rollercoaster. It sort of takes the fun out of something that should be fun.

I visited my first Karaoke bar last month. Is that the right term, "visited"? I certainly did not partake. I'm way to stodgy and boring to do anything that exciting and fun. It was a friends birthday party and thankfully many more people were not stodgy and boring, so it was mostly fun.

We enjoyed some Shakespeare in the park last month. It was Twelfth Night, one I hadn't seen before. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and made a decision to do more of these fun things more often. Although a new home may get in the way of that for a bit.