Sandy Cup


Bought this awesome coffee mug from my long-time friend @luxuryluke. Also picked up a couple of his rad t-shirts. Well done good friend! Find them at his shop here:

Shared on Nov 4, 2022

A spot of tea and a blog post


Shared on Nov 2, 2022



This shop always has a ton of mannequins outside and it makes me laugh every time I see them. It looks like a crowd waiting to get in the store, minus all their heads.

Shared on Nov 1, 2022

Self Checkout is Your Only Option


We stopped in to Michaels the other day and when we hit checkout I was floored that they've removed all cashiers and only have self checkout. Unless you are paying with cash, in which case an employee has to come up and help you check out. So weird.

Shared on Nov 1, 2022



Caught this coming out to run errands after work tonight. Spectacular colors.

Shared on Oct 31, 2022

My new Mini Timbuk2 Bag


Needed a new day bag that could hold the ipad. After searching around, I ended up back at my fav bag company Timbuk2. Here's the new bag next to my current full-size bag.

Shared on Oct 30, 2022

Biggest egg roll I've ever seen


Shared on Oct 27, 2022